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The best way to evaluate an act's abilities, performance, or presentation is by other peoples comments, or compliments after the event, so here are a few.
With My Compliments. . . . . . .

"Your arrival in Doha, right in the middle of the Iraqi crisis, brought a unique brand of humour to an audience of 400 players and guests. The Doha Oilmen's Golf Tournament is considered the largest amateur golfing tournament in the Middle East and has built a reputation for excellence; your performance has moved our event to another level."
Regards Mike Robinson Chairman D.O.G.T. Committee

The Stage:-             "I got enormous pleasure from the John Cassidy Company, actually There is only one of him, the rest are disembodied voices he teases from an ultra sensitive microphone & skillfully programmed electronics. Smartly dressed, articulate and extremely personable in approach.

The Stage:- (Andrea Davidson) "A great comedian, who held a tired audience in the palm of his hand, he has a nifty line in microphone technique."

The Stage:-                 " John Cassidy has enough good material to handle most types of audience A very experienced comic here, he held the room with ease."

Letters of thanks and appreciation 

FROM:-  Sir Donald Gosling  "Having you at the charity shoot put such a happy seal on what was a very successful day. You gave everybody a very entertaining half hour. There were many compliments about your act particularly the use of the microphone "

FROM:-  Marlborough Golf Club - Est.1888 "Thank you for your quite excellent performance at our Captain's last Supper, All attendees thoroughly enjoyed your efforts. I know that our Captain felt your speech rounded off his year in a magnificent fashion."

FROM:-  Swift Group of Companies Ltd. " I must express my appreciation for your contribution to the evening, enjoyed by the Swift hosts and our guests. I believe you have entertained us on three occasions now, I am sure that this year will not prove to be the last."